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What Should you do When you Have a Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

Your garage door is a useful household equipment, and it should stay like that. Manufacturers equip different models with various devices and systems to help you avoid usability and safety issues. Your garage door opener is one such component and plays as important role as the garage door springs in helping you avoid inconvenience and risk factors while operating the garage door.

Your garage door opener has a safety mechanism of its own and includes photoelectric eyes and sensors that detect any movement near the garage door. If there’s something or someone in its path the garage door opener will not allow the garage door to close down. Clearly, this is one of the most important features of contemporary garage door opener models, and you should make sure that the device you choose has this system.

You can operate your garage door by engaging the manual system even if the automatic mechanism of your garage door opener fails. Operating the garage door manually, however, will be more time-consuming and you’ll also have to invest extra efforts. Plus you don’t get the added cushion of the safety reversal mechanism that your automatic garage door opener provides.

It is, therefore, clear that using the manual operation defeats the entire purpose of using an automatic model. Moreover, if using your residential garage door opener even when it is malfunctioning will only make matters worse as an awry garage door opener can impact several other parts and drag down the performance of the system. And the worst parts about all this is that there’s a strong possibility that you may have to earmark funds to get rid of frequent repair and replacement issues that may arise.

You can avoid all these issues if you get in touch with our experts at Garage Door Repair, Los Gatos, CA on time. Our professionals will help you with automatic garage door opener installation, as well as garage door opener installation or any other service that you need.

We do not restrict ourselves to offering garage door opener repair services and are also capable of troubleshooting other garage door parts including rollers, springs, hinges, wireless key entry systems, and panels. We offer garage door opener repair services for leading brands such as Genie, Wayne Dalton, Chamberlain, Guardian, Amarr, and many others.

We also offer services for garage door opener remote including universal garage door opener remote, and many others. We also fix your garage door opener sensors.

It does not make any difference to us whether you’re using one of the best quality garage door openers or a conventional device, if you need our services we’ll always be there irrespective of the nature and complexity of the problem you’re experiencing.

We have a serious of quality checkpoints in place and we always plan our projects according to these benchmarks while helping our customers with malfunctioning garage door openers or other parts.

One of the many criteria includes a thorough examination of all the parts including the motor, the garage door opener remote, and the trolley to make sure that they’re working the way they should. We clear these parts that pass our quality check. For those, that do not qualify, we assure you of providing suitable replacements.

You’ll Never Regret Placing Your Trust on our Experts

We only hire professionals and make sure that only those individuals who have years of experience in client servicing get to work with us. Ensuring the quality of manpower pool helps us in ensuring that you get access to top-notch services and also enables us in honoring the 100% satisfaction guarantee that we provide to all our customers.

Our technicians are always vigilant, especially when helping customers with their malfunctioning garage door openers or any other parts. The members of our garage door opener repair expert teams will not miss any detail. And we all know that diagnosing the problem in its elementary stages of development and devising strategies to counter it holds the key to providing troubleshooting services.

We adopt a pro-active approach and believe in suppressing the problem even before it arises. For example, your garage door opener may emit unpleasant noises while in operation, or it may get stuck all of a sudden without any reason in clear sight. You may not be able to comprehend the meaning of these signals, however, for our experts diagnosing the cause of the problem is a part of their job description.

Providing a timely resolution will also help you in realizing savings on garage door opener’s cost.

Contact us and Never Stress Again

Your garage door opener or any other garage door part can malfunction anytime, and it is next to impossible for you to be on your toes 365 days a year. A problem can manifest itself anytime it can be during the working hours when locating a provider won’t be an issue. But what if you face a problem during unearthly hours of the night?

Relax! With us, you’re always covered. We provide emergency garage door repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will report to your location within an hour after you register a service request.

We also provide immediate relief to our customers facing emergency problems and make sure that they get a solution the same day.

You can reach out to our customer care representatives anytime; we’re eager to hear from you and would be more than happy to assist you with your malfunctioning garage door opener or any other part.